Our Home Pets



Midnight is our 10 year old English Cocker Spaniel. He has lived with us since he was a puppy, and he is very friendly! In his older age, Midnight loves sun lounging in the garden, but is still up for long walks in the woods.

Midnight has NO access to boarding guests.


Florence is a blue-eyed white fur, Netherland Dwarf bunny, born 7th December 2017. Flo is an energetic bunny, who is incredibly loyal and won't go to strangers. Flo has lived with us since she was 8 weeks old. She may look as sweet as sugar, but Florence is often the ring leader in digging up her run and dragging her blankets around!


Lilah is Florence's sister, but a sable coloured Netherland Dwarf. Lilah was born on 7th December 2017 and has lived with me from 8 weeks old. Lilah is inquisitive and charming, and willing to take attention from anyone who'll give her it!

Flo and Li live in a converted pretty-in-pink potting shed, with pictures below.

Ivy Rose

Ivy Rose is a fancy mouse, born April 2017. She's feisty and definitely the dominant mouse in her colony!


Jemima is the wild child of the colony! She's always busy, and I'm not sure she's always aware of other mice around her! Jemima was born in June 2017.

Jemima was used in Pets At Home social media posts in December 2017, pictured on the top of her Christmas tree.


Twinkle is my only bilingual mouse! She responds to her name in English and in French.

Twinkle is the biological sister of Jemima and Luna Belle, born in June 2017.


Evangelina is the second half of our duo who arrived from a local charity rescue in July 2018, aged 6 months. She's inquisitive and charming. She is a little more quiet and patient than the rest of the colony.

Evangelina is the biological sister of Matilda.

Pixie, Taylor, Elphie and Ottilie

Pixie is an orlanda goldfish who arrived home in May 2018.

Taylor is a black moor goldfish who arrived home in June 2018.

Elphie, named after Elphaba from Wicked, arrived home in December 2018

Ottilie is a weather loach, who arrived in May 2018 with Pixie.

Flash, Rollins, Benson, Ethel and Lia

Flash is our biggest and oldest aquarium zebra snail!

Rollins and Benson (named after the Law and Order SVU characters!) are two spiral horned aquarium snails. Ethel and Lia are the smallest of the spiral horned aquarium snails.

Our Bunny Palace!

Not available for hire.

With fairy lights in the roof and a dig box in the run, this is our pretty-in-pink bunny palace exclusively used for our girls.

An 8ft x 6ft potting shed, especially for our girls, attached to a 2m x 2m run, with dig box, moon and stars mural, solar powered lights and a fairy style corner. Inside, the pink theme is complemented with soft rugs and furnishings, handmade and personalised items, and shelving to store all the essential items.

Our Seaside Retreat!

Not available for hire.

Rosie was a very unexpected arrival to our family! 

Found abandoned on the streets and with no match to missing reports or response in appeals for her owners, we provided a sanctuary for Rosie in her time of need. We have been liaising with pet professionals to establish a potential background based on her behaviour, and it is most likely Rosie was used for breeding and left in an area away from home when she was no longer productive enough. Rosie has a number of aggressive behavioural issues, and we ask if you are visiting to not approach her and remain quiet and mindful around her.

Rosie is a lone bunny in her seaside theme house.