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Boarding In A Home-From-Home Environment

Just Like Home Pet Boarding specialises in home-from-home boarding, meaning our guests are cared for in a home and family environment. We are located in the Cambridgeshire countryside in Alconbury Weston. We provide home boarding for mice, hamsters, rats, gerbils, degus, chinchillas, and indoor rabbits and guinea pigs, and some other pets. Our boarding room is converted from our dining room, offering table space for small cages and floor space for larger cages. Cages will never be stacked on top of each other, unless this is how your pets live at home.

Our booking form is detailed so we can fully understand your pet, their habits and routines, and we try to cater to their unique needs to the best of our abilities.

We send regular updates about your pet to you, as frequently as you wish. Your pet will also have a daily record sheet completed for their stay.

Don't delay - book today! 

Boarding places fill up quickly. As a small home and family business, we take a limited number of boarding guests to ensure the best care possible for each and every individual guest. Although we do take emergency bookings and bookings for extended periods of time, we recommend booking your boarding space as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


£3 per day for up to three mice.

Additional mice are charged at £1 per mouse, per day (capped at £5 per cage).

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Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats, Degus and Chinchillas

£3 per guest, per day.

£5 per day for pairs sharing the same cage.

Cage sharing excludes Syrian hamsters.

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Indoor Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

£5 per guest, per day.

£8 per day for bonded pairs in the same cage

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For all other pets, such as budgies, tortoises, hedgehogs etc, please ask for prices and availability.​

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Pet Packing List

Once your booking has been confirmed, and before arrival, we will send a species-appropriate packing list for our guests. 

We believe that similarity and consistency are key in allowing your pet to continue to thrive during their time away from you. We also understand how stressful a change of environment, routine, enclosure, food or bedding can be for a small animal, who cannot vocalise this to us, and how comforting it can be to know that your choice of care is being valued and upheld whilst you are away. Therefore, we ask that you provide the following:

Suitable Cage Or Enclosure

A cage that is familiar to your pet can help them feel safe and settled. We encourage you to bring your pets regular cage. We are able to accommodate many different shapes and sizes of enclosures, please let us know the size of your cage, so we can confirm that we can comfortably accommodate your pet. Please ensure your cage or enclosure is escape proof, or let us know of any possible escape routes and how you prevent them. We have five cages available for hire by prior arrangement only, the details are below.

Cage Enrichment

If your pet has favourite pieces of enrichment for their cage, please provide these. A wheel, or favourite chews and toys can help your pet settle and provide continuous stimulation during their time with us. This includes feeding bowls, water bottles/bowls, hay racks and litter trays.

Enough Bedding To Last The Duration Of Your Pets Stay

We will spot clean your pets enclosure everyday, and follow your own cleaning routine whilst your pet is with us.

Your Pets Regular Food and Treats

A change of food can be incredibly stressful for small animals. If you are changing food, it is advised you gradually wean your pet from your old food to your new food, not change their food abruptly. With so many different types of food for pets available on the market, providing your own food ensures that your choice is upheld and given to your pet. This also includes your choice of hay, if appropriate.

We provide a single type of fresh food each day, without charge, for boarding guests who are used to having fresh foods as part of their routines. Please see below for details about our Medley Boxes, on offer to guinea pig and rabbit guests for an additional charge of 50p per portion. These boxes can be booked on your booking forms.

Any Exercise Equipment Or Toys

We will follow your pets routine as similarly as possible. If your pet goes into an exercise ball, please provide their own ball. If your pet uses a play pen, please provide any toys they may use. You are welcome to bring your own playpen, however, we have a small, metal playpen (suitable for mice, hamsters and gerbils) and a large, mesh playpen, should you wish for your pet to use them. Rabbits and guinea pigs are offered indoor free range time and outdoor free range time in an outdoor run. All pets are monitored at all times when out of their enclosure, and are only allowed out, one pet at a time.

Any Medication or Vitamin Supplements Your Pet May Be Taking

All pets must be in good health prior to and during boarding with Just Like Home Pet Boarding. If your pet takes regular medication, which is prescribed by your vet, or takes regular vitamin supplements, please provide these, along with dosage amounts and instructions.

If your pet is prescribed medication, they must have been taking the medicine for at least 48 hours prior to boarding. The medicine must be in the original packaging with the guests name and name of the vet surgery prescribing the medicine.

Anything Else You Feel Your Pet Requires During Their Stay

You know your pet best, so if there is anything else that you feel they need for their stay, please provide this.

Vaccination Certificate - Rabbits

All rabbits are required to have been vaccinated against myxomatosis and RHD1 (combination vaccine) and RHD2. These vaccines must have been given within the 12 months prior to boarding, and no less than 14 days before boarding, so the vaccine has time to work. We require a copy of your vaccination certificate. Without this, you will be refused board.

We also recommend worming your rabbit, and giving them a preventative treatment for fleas and flystrike.

Medley Boxes

Available for 50p per portion!

All boarding guests are offered a single type of fresh food each day, according to their routine, included within the cost of their stay. Our medley boxes are available for rabbits and guinea pigs, and contain a minimum of 6 different (species appropriate) types of fresh vegetables, herbs and a little piece of fruit, for only 50p per portion! We can tailor boxes to individual dietary needs, as well as likes and dislikes, by prior arrangement.

The photo shows the difference in sizes for single portions, two guinea pig portions and two rabbit portions. The boxes pictured were all made for rabbits on a fresh-only diet and cater for a mango intolerance. The contents of each box will vary from those pictured and may vary from week to week.

Cage Hire

The following cages are available for hire by prior arrangement only.

Small Pet Cage

80cm x 50cm unbroken floor space. Wired cage.

Suitable for hamsters, mice and gerbils.

£5 per seven days hire.

Two available.

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Single Storey Cage

51cm x 120cm x 58cm. Wired cage.

Suitable for guinea pigs, young or dwarf rabbits and single rabbits.

£5 per seven days hire.

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Two Storey Cage

97.5cm x 51.5cm x 99cm. Wired cage.

Suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs.

£10 per seven days hire.

Two available.

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